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About The Detail Shop

Peter Mombourquette, the owner, has been at The Detail Shop since 2001. We specialize in auto and truck cleaning and detailing services. We restore new-car beauty to painted and upholstered surfaces.

We offer guaranteed customer satisfaction. The Detail Shop removes the build-up of dull haze, road tar, and oxidation. We provide long-term protection and preserve the youthful look of your vehicle.

Our work makes repeated car washing easier and more effective.

inside the car

We utilize advanced high-tech equipment and leading-edge products and supplies. The Detail Shop has the widest available selection of cleansers and finish polishes to match the condition and type of paint on your vehicle.

Our staff of skilled and highly trained professionals is dedicated to providing peerless work both inside the car and out. Our experienced quality control manager supervises all work on your vehicle and personally inspects your car to ensure the work performed meets our highest standards. Contact us today!

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