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Sydney’s Choice for Diamond Kote®’s Rust and Corrosion Protection

Before you even turn the key for the first time, the metal used to manufacture your new car or truck has started transforming – has started to set in. It happens when metal, oxygen, and water combine to create an electrochemical reaction. If you remove or control one of the three elements in that simple rust formula, you can prevent corrosion. Diamond Kote®’s Rust & Corrosion Protection formula helps you achieve that. Get in touch with Sydney’s Diamond Kote®’s Rust and Corrosion Protection experts today.

Liquid Corrosion Protection

Diamond Kote®’s Liquid Corrosion Barrier Compounds offer exceptional automotive corrosion-resistance standards in the world. They keep air and water out, and stop rust before it starts.

Paint Protection

Our Nano Crystal Paint Sealant brightens and shines your vehicle’s exterior paint, making even new cars look more vibrant. Our paint sealant also protects your vehicle from oxidation, loss of gloss, and fading. So there’s no need to wax your car for a long time!

Interior Protection

We help keep your vehicle looking new by applying products directly on the vehicle’s interior surfaces. Spills, splatters, and everyday mishaps can be more easily removed before they become permanent stains. Our penetrating conditioners are effective at maintaining your leather and vinyl. So, every time you step into your vehicle, it’ll be like the first time.

Diamond Kote

Exemplary Protection Against Corrosion

We use a revolutionary product that empowers us to exceed your expectations.

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